We feel it is important for dancers to have a refreshing, informational, inspiring, supportive, nourishing and healing dance experience to enhance their overall well-being and dance abilities! It's essential for dancers to train with a whole-body consciousness around movement, hour and a half classes are not always enough time to dive deeper into dance training.

workshops / intensives / camps

Our whole-body intensives train dancers to integrate their body, mind, and spirit.

While each intensive is unique, we bring in elements that help dancers to build a healthy practice for their lifestyle. In addition to our specified style or technique focus of training, we apply the following tools to offer well-rounded support and guidance to our students:

Meditation, writing exercises, understanding healthy training vs punish mentality, positive self talk, creating achievable goals, building affirmations, manifestations and visualizing their dreams and goals, the importance of mental and emotional health, communication practice and more.

 Through our very intentional programs, we explore dance in different ways at a more in-depth focus.

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Learn morning and evening routines to support your pre and post dance training schedule. Find effective and easy ways to bring self care into your daily life without it taking a ton of time. Make sure your body has the fuel and hydration it needs to last you all day long.

Taking care of the body is our first priority when it comes to dance. Let's focus on self-care and recovery support for dancers!

The Kea Method
Self Care

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coming soon >

Taking place at the Camden Opera House, get a true theater experience and learn must-have skills when connecting with an audience. Learn the stage, backstage and dressing room ins and outs. Improve your confidence as a dancer moving from the studio to the stage by knowing exactly HOW to perform in a theater and what to expect!

Here's the low down on performing and all the ins and outs of the theater you need to know to have a seamless performance experience.

The Kea Method
The Performance Workshop

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Her classes have never lost my engagement for a minute, her invigorating passion combined with her vivid insights make classes continually compelling and energizing. During my many years working with her, Kea has given me the bravery, power, wisdom, and methodology, through movement expression, to deeply explore my own sense of self, which has dramatically transformed for the better.

"Kea is a master at weaving the practice of dance with experience and worldview."


I’m welcomed with open arms every time I come in for a dance. When I wake up and I remember I have dance later it just powers me through the rest of the day and always gives me something to look forward to. The people are incredible, what we learn is incredible, and the dances we perform are always incredible.

"I feel empowered when I dance and especially at Kinetic Energy Alive." 


Sometimes it’s challenging to feel confident and beautiful in a society that's so focused on comparisons. The way I dance with KEA has forced me to look past what I might not love be in myself, and focus on the power I posses. 

"Dancing at K.E.A. has helped me strengthen not only my body but also my mind..."


Praise For K.E.A

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