This begins with creating a studio atmosphere that is healthy, welcoming and supportive of all people who wish to make dance an enriching part of their lives. By giving dancers the tools needed to find freedom and confidence in their bodies and minds, we work to instill them with the crucial building blocks needed to establish healthy communication skills, healthy body image, self-respect and the courage to be authentic and true to themselves.

We strive each day at Kinetic Energy Alive, to find unique, creative and fulfilling ways to empower our students through dance.

By addressing the commonly negative lens through which students may view themselves based on what they see in media, we remove the lens of comparison and judgment from self-talk so that dancers are able to see the bigger picture of what is needed in the world; love, hope and inspiration, and how that truly starts with them. Through our choreography and performances, we can provoke thoughtfulness in the viewers, creating a ripple effect that can change the world. We offer a platform for the dancers to express themselves in many ways, especially, how their lives have been empowered through dance, giving them the opportunity to inspire others with their stories.

we believe we can create necessary change in the culture of dance.

Dancer, choreographer, teacher and the owner of Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Center. I've been teaching for 20+ years, offering inspiring dance classes, workshops, and performance opportunities to the local community, with a focus on young adults. My dance center is located in Camden Maine, and I also travel internationally teaching and training in different styles, methods and techniques.  

After many years in the dance industry, and seeing the negative impacts the competition and punishment mentality of the mainstream dance culture can have on students, I opened my studio to bring a healthier and more supportive approach to dance training. Teaching dance through my Kea Method at my dance center and beyond, is my passion and life's purpose.  

Hi! I'm Kea.

I produce & choreograph sold out student dance showcases every year. As well as produce & choreograph short documentary style videos of dancers to share their story through dance. Check out the dance gallery →

Performance & Choreography

Keynote Speaking & Performance

Most recently I performed at the Harlem Dance Festival. My motivational speaking and dance mentorship center around empowerment and whole body wellness for teens and young adults. Get in touch to bring me to your school or event →


Dance Styles & Training

I travel globally to continue my education in various styles of contemporary, modern, hip hop, jazz, funk, latin, and so much more. I've trained in NYC at Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey, Steps on Broadway, Peridance, and attended workshops from Urban Dance Camp in Germany to Martha Graham modern dance intensives in Italy. 

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Dancers Daily Performance Routine

Whether you’re rehearsing for the stage or in the studio training, you need a routine that enhances your performance ability and keeps you feeling your best, mentally and physically, each day.




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