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Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Center & Performing Arts

We offer dance classes and private dance lessons at our Camden Maine studio to students of all ages and levels of experience.  Come explore our dance styles and techniques to find the right expression for you!

Contemporary, hip hop, street jazz, modern, BALLET, conditioning, Jazz, Dance theater, performance arts training and more...

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Check out our class offerings and find the right fit for you. From multiple styles and techniques to different ages and levels, we have something for everyone.

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Serving the midcoast for over 12 years, we are excited to welcome new dancers and create some magic! Learn what we're about and see if we're the right fit for you!

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This is time just for you to focus on your personal growth as a dancer. With one-on-one or private group lessons, receive individualized and tailored attention on your training.

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workshops & Intensives

Our workshops and intensives are the perfect opportunity to dive deep and cultivate a strong understanding of the movement offered. Take your skill to the next level here.

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– Anna, student

This studio is a place of comfort and happiness that I can’t see my life without. I’m so lucky to be a part of this studio and surround myself with amazing dances, people, creative minds and an absolutely unbelievable teacher.

– Jim doble, parent

Kea is not only an awesome dance teacher; she also teaches how to be an awesome, passionate, loving, connected human being via her teaching and by example. I'd easily give her 100 stars if that were an option.

– Zhenya, student

When I did my duet with Kea the first night of the show, the whole crowd went crazy. She leaned into me and said, “Do you hear that, girl?” That moment I knew that people appreciate me and I don’t have to be scared of my own self, pretending to be someone else that I’m not.

– Amy Trvaska, parent

My daughter has been dancing for years and recently joined KEA this past year. The supportive, inclusive, body positive, and empowering work she does is phenomenal! The show that culminates the year's work is a pure expression of love, creativity, and grace.

Hi, I'm Kea! dancer, teacher, & mentor empowering people through dance around the globe.

I'm passionate about helping you find your best, healthiest way of dancing in your body and becoming liberated in your own life's adventure of movement. I've been teaching & choreographing dance for 20+ years and I'm so excited for the next dance season and what we can create together!

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Kea Tesseyman


I find so much joy and happiness leading dancers through this method that literally changed my own life. Behind each photo is a powerful story of a student’s journey and success with the Kea Method.

featured events

Each year our studio dancers have the opportunity to participate in our annual sold out performances at the Camden Opera House, as well as other events produced by the KEA Dance Center.  Check out our next event and how you can be a part of it!

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See what's inside my dancers bag to support a full day of dance at the studio.

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I need to feel centered and energized before I dance, this simple habit always helps me to reset.

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Dancers Daily Performance Routine

Whether you’re rehearsing for the stage or in the studio training, you need a routine that enhances your performance ability and keeps you feeling your best, mentally and physically, each day.




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