We're BIG into putting on shows and Events!

Each year our studio dancers have the opportunity to participate in our annual sold out performances at the Camden Opera House, as well as other events produced by the KEA Dance Center. Below is a glimpse at our past sold out shows, as well as upcoming performances in 2023!

KEA Dance center events


Doors open half hour before curtains for seating. All tickets will be sold online at the Camden Opera House.

Tickets are $20.00 in advance and $25.00 at the door. 
$40 VIP (front center balcony seats with cushions, limited to 28 per performance, proceeds go to Dance Scholarship Fund
More info about the show below!

Our 14th annual dance studio showcase has something for everyone and every age! Don't miss your chance to be a part of the magic!

Grit & Grace VII: 
a dancer's resistance

Upcoming Show: May 10th, 11th & 12th, 2024

Get ready for an incredible night of joy-filled dance that will lift your spirits and get your heart pumping with feel-good music! Our theme of discussion in the studio this year has been how to come back to the present moment - to NOW - and to find peace and love within ourselves, by being centered and present - and resist the forces of negativity in our world today by matching calamity with love and serenity.

As our dancers of all ages bring the highest level of excitement to the stage with a two hour dance performance ranging the genres of hip hop, jazz, lyrical contemporary, modern, contemporary ballet, latin, street jazz and funk, they also share what is permeating beneath the surface on a deeper level.....

Witness our very outspoken teenagers work hard to process their feelings around the events that have unfolded across the world this past year. They ask questions like "how do I process the grief I feel", "how do I transform the pain and sadness inside", and most importantly "why is it so silent? Why aren't we talking about it?" So,  within our choreography, we find ways to lean into the grit, and discover the grace unfold throughout the movements.

Watch this miraculous event in May that is absolutely stunning in all ways and witness dancers lean into how to process the myriad of feelings they have, finding ways to exist in the world today. With positivity, light, courage and willingness to grow, dancers rejoice and celebrate in the love and connection they have in this moment right now, and with one another.

Grit & Grace VII: The Moment Is Now, 
a dancer's resistance

DATES + TIME: Friday May 10th and Saturday May 11th, 7:00 - 9:00pm | Sunday May 12th, Matinee, 2:00 - 4:00pm.

LOCATION: Camden Opera House, 29 Elm St, Camden Maine, 04843

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Past Dance Performances

2023: Dancers engage in discussions about what it means to be of service for others, and what it means to create and share a message of strength and hope. They deepen their understanding of this healthy mindset by putting a message into movement, and learning to lift themselves, and through that action, are able to lift others.

2022: Dancers come back strong after dark theaters and studio closures to connect and share in the one thing that truly matters - love. Powerful pieces, both emotional and inspiring, take you out of the darkness and into the light. Dancers find power within and connect their mind and heart in love, triumph over loss, and a  bright fire for the future!

2019: Within each dancer lives a super hero. The one that has the power to overcome adversity, challenge and obstacle. Each student finds the power inside them selves to believe in who they are and accept their uniqueness and value, no matter how different they each are. Together, a generation of superheroes walks among us. Come see their stories!

2018: Dancers talk about the biggest threat our world faces - us. They unite in the focus that our world needs our attention, we are all united in this one mission - to save our planet. Not just environment  our society too. These movement messages share in how the next generation feels about the climate, both within our communities and the greater world.

2017: We take you on a journey of the untold story of two brothers and their childhood preceding the classic tale of the Lion King. Who was Scar before he WAS scarred. How did it happen? What turned him into the monster we all know? We believe no on is born evil, and we tell the story of how both Scar and Mufassa turned into the lions we know today.

2017: Celebrating the Evolution of our dancers, our studio and the magical power of dance, we share stories of transformation and revelation. Dance has the ability to help someone become the confident and beautiful person they truly are within, and bring their spirit, and unique self, into the light. This is the journey of their evolution.

2016: Our first Grit & Grace show brings you to the center of our studio mission: Helping dancers to express their true selves through dance. Dance is an accessible art form that helps students to build confidence and self esteem while embracing camaraderie, community acceptance, all in a judgement and competition free space. Just Be You! 

KEA DANCE CENTER  was founded in 2010 as Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions. Beginning with co hosting shows with Swing & Sway Studio 2010 -  2011, they then moved to their first studio location in Camden and produced "Power Performance: Dance & Short Film Events" at the Strom Auditorium 2012 - 2015. 

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